How to hunt a buck

For some of us, Buck hunting has been part of our lives since we were youngsters.  It is typically a family tradition passed down from father to son.  The secrets and tricks to bagging that “big buck” have been passed around over the years however, some think it’s just being in the right place at the right time. 

If you think its as simple as to go out, purchase yourself a bow or gun and  buy the required hunting license to hunt deer, and go strolling  into the woods and bagging the granddaddy of all bucks YOUR WRONG! 

I’m not saying you won’t be in the right place at the right time and kill a deer, but you surely will not get the monster you are seeking.

Hunting Buck deer takes a lot of planning, training, and overall an awful lot of patience.  There are many factors when it comes to hunting the much sought after trophy buck.  Bucks differ greatly from does and there are things you must know in order to improve your chances of having a successful buck hunt.

The most important question to ask when it comes to buck hunting is, Where are the deer?  The question “why” is hardly ever asked.  Knowing “where” the deer are is one thing.  Knowing why is the key to having a successful hunt.  You must possess a good knowledge of the buck deer and its tendencies and habbits. 

Things such as scouting for deer, tracking, checking rubs, scrapes, understanding deer patterns,  the bucks habitat, knowing what the rut is and what it means to you, the  necessary gear for hunting that you need and how to navigate in the woods and most importantly, how to get yourself in the perfect place to bag the big buck.